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Getting Started

Get All the Tools You Need to Start Today!

Get a Cryptocurrency Exchange App

Cryptocurrency trading platforms are also known as exchanges - and they are platforms that enable you to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies.

Find a Forex Broker

A Forex Broker is a financial services company that provides traders access to a platform for buying and selling foreign currencies.

Get a Cryptocurrency Wallet

After signing up on your platform of choice and acquiring your assets, you'll need to transfer them to your wallet. Most platforms offer free online wallets on their exchanges.

How to Fund Your Broker

Investors can simply log in to their respective forex accounts, type in their credit card information and the funds will be posted in about one business day. Investors can also transfer funds into their trading accounts from an existing bank account or send the funds through a wire transfer or online check, or transfer funds directly from their Cryptocurrency wallets.

Cryptocurrency Exchange

Purchase, Sell and Exchange Cryptocurrency for use in funding your Forex broker account or TronLink account for Lion's Share through our exchange partner, Changelly.

Ask Questions

Let us know if you have questions on any of our products or services, how to join our teams, how to make money using Crypto or Forex, or any other questions you may need information to.

Thank you!

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